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Tumble Episode 5 Crocked and Eliminated! Tumble Episode 5 Crocked and Eliminated!
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Tumble Episode 5 Crocked and Eliminated!

After a joyous ribbonfest in Episode 4 partner Kate, coach Andy and I were so looking forward to the next week. The designated theme from the elusive concept team (I look forward to discovering who they are at the after show party on Saturday) was Ringmaster and Showgirl…OK… I could contribute to that I thought requesting a climbing rope and tightrope but with a will to include an inevitable forward somersault and standing backward flip – that so gets the judges to leap from their swivel chairs. After an exhausting Monday setting routines and lifts for show 5 & 6 plus three very exciting and daring moves on the double trapeze…it went pear shaped. On attempting a spin into the foam pit something clicked in my right knee, a ligament, muscle, cartilage – who knows. It was time for a late night limp home. The next day whilst attempting to balance on my right hand I toppled over the apparatus, expletives worthing of an England manager followed as I thought I had cracked a bone. The following sessions were hampered by my ability to do anything but mark out what I intended to do. With no work on the P bars or practice leaps on the vault I suspected my days were numbered. However…never let the audience know whats really going on. Go with what you’ve got and keep a smile on your face.  My friendly competitors had all raised their game and although there were no tumbles we did achieve a Delilah but I did fall off my very own tightrope. What a twit! Second from bottom on the table it relied on the public vote to save me from the vault. In the end Carl Froch and I competed and I went over and down in round 5.  It has been a great adventure and I celebrate the endeavours of all!

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