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No apples for Clacton No apples for Clacton
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No apples for Clacton


After my visit to the Labour party conference and a weeks holiday in troubled Greece I had every intention expound
my political thoughts but events just kept happening delaying the inevitable insight. So step by step…Ed Milliband’s speech in Manchester, as an actor I would expect a good review for such a long memorised speech but an unintentional edit seemed to lead to much derision. I have sympathy as no doubt helping save Scotland from becoming part of Scandinavia there was probably lack of rehearsal but the content was good. I heard this… ‘devolve power and resources’ green investment bank’ building homes’ ‘votes for 16 and 17 year olds’ ‘a Palestine state’ ‘mansion tax’ (ouch) ‘together’ (not the ‘we are all in this together’ kind of together)
UKIP. Europe. Immigration. If it were not for the Latvian, Polish, and Romanian apple pickers on my friends apple farm in Kent, Clacton would have no apples. I have a solution…find someone who understands the real impact of immigration and explain it to @rustyrockets (Russell Brand) so he can tell the truth with all the ‘noise’ he makes.
The juxtaposition of three things that have upset me in October:
Sir Nicholas Winton (aged 105) being honoured for saving 669 kids from the Nazi’s while Mediterranean boat children escaping equal horrors, it is suggested, should be left to drown.
The remembrance of the Great War (World War 1) where inexplicable human behaviour led the human species to a slaughter that will never be understood…whilst we seem to warm up for the next culling.
Opulence and Poverty…
The tarnished jewel in the British crown – The NHS. All institutions have to recalibrate otherwise they implode.
And so to Greece. I think you will get your marbles back now Mrs Clooney is on the case. Why not fine us for taking them, say 1.7 billion in Euros. A bridge to far. Trick or Treat. Happy Halloween.

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