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Defy Expectations Defy Expectations
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Defy Expectations


Take a deep breath and defy expectations. There is nothing worse than a sense of impending predictability.
So resolutions for 2015 perhaps need to be contradictory and anarchic. 1. Would it not be lovely if I could designate my free over sixty pass on the tube to a cash strapped offspring. 2. Delete/ignore every form of media that is trying to sell you something you don’t want. (I would appreciate if you could make an exception if you are considering a holiday in the Balkans…see thenaturaladventure.com) 3. Create a ruck. Argue politically against your tired ingrained instincts. 4. Try to make babies and if you succeed use a Neighbourhood Midwife…see neighbourhoodmidwives.org.uk. 5. Have your portrait painted in oils on the welfare state. 6. Volunteer to do something you want to do. 7. Never say the word deficit unless you mean it. 8. Implant a creative gene if you think you don’t have one. 9. Human civilisation started to go wrong when we went into double digits. Nine are all we need. It is a magical number.

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